Music & Waves

Music Journeys

Composed in 432 Hz & 444 Hz and layered with binaural waves and nature sounds our musical journeys are designed to align your chakras and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit.

Altered Perspectives

Altered Perspectives (Extended Edition)

Altered Perspectives 360º


Sound In Never Ending Space


Designed for deep rest. Take your pick of music layered with delta and theta waves or pure waves that you can play all night long to support deep sleep for you body and mind.


Gamma waves are incredible to lift our energy. Imagine you are a gazelle sprinting with ease, freedom, clarity!


A theta state of mind is what you need and these albums will drop you right in.

Binaural Theta Waves



Synchronizing your brain hemispheres in beta state is like having pistons of an engine purring in synergy. Great for laser focus and incredible memory retention.

Binaural Beta Waves


These musical journeys and alpha brainwaves will balance your mind and allow your creative channel to be heard clearly so you’ll produce your absolute best!

Binaural Alpha Waves


Designed to ground your feet in the earth and bring harmony to your mind.

Earth Waves for Balance


Need guidance while meditating? Many of us do! Our teachers are here to help.

Planning Room Meditation

Bliss Body (Nidra Meditation)

Binaural Waves

For the purists of brainwave balancing! No music. Just pure waves.