Music and Tones for Meditation & Healing

Altered Perspectives

A collaborative effort between creative masterminds Greg Papania, Andrew Chapin, Antony Galvan, and Bernardo Vidal, Altered Perspectives is tuned to 432Hz, layered with solfeggio frequencies, binaural tones, and calming nature sounds.

This musical journey will take you from root chakra to crown and out onto the astral plane where time and space cease to exist. We promise you’ll return to this realm in harmonic alignment.


Altered Perspectives

Extended Edition

We’ve expanded each chakra and solfeggio tone layered track to 30 minutes each for extended and therapeutic approach to those needing to spend more time in a particular chakra or frequency.

Astral Cinema

An engaging, uplifting, ambient  journey tuned to 444Hz layered with binaural solfeggio tones, synthesizers, percussion, dreamy guitars, and cinematic natural sounds. Great for working, engaging meditation, yoga & more!

Bliss body

Crystal bowls, bells, chimes, nature sounds and binaural tones create a tapestry of sound to harmonize your energy field and balance your subtle body as you’re guided by Kat Mills through Yoga Nidra, the art of conscious relaxation, where the mind rests in the theta state and can receive deep healing and rest.

Divine Alignment

One hour meditation journey laced with 963Hz focused on opening your crown and connecting you with source energy.

Soul Tones

Pure binaural solfeggio frequencies aligned to intentions and chakras, split into 15 minute tracks.

Planning Room

A 20 minute meditation designed and lead by metaphysical healer Dr. Mary Helen Hensley layered with 432Hz music and binaural solfeggio tones that will help you explore the feelings of joy and freedom within yourself and your relationships.

Chakra Opera

A 20-minute meditation of chakra and solfeggio-tone-aligned soul affirmations spoken by Dr. Mary Helen Hensley over 432Hz tuned music and flowing, operatic vocal riffs.

Sonic Tonic

8 hours of 432Hz music and a 528Hz solfeggio tone designed for sleeping, healing and relaxation. Enjoy it all night long.


 A short journey of pure binaural frequencies designed to harmonize your physical body. Use it daily to clear energetic blockages, revitalize your organs, and keep your body operating at optimum functionality.


An uplifting 20-minute composition tuned to 444Hz laced with 528Hz Beta and Gamma frequencies to boost energy and focus. Great for a mid-day lift.

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