Full Service Music Licensing

TV, Film & Web Library

Our music is tuned and composed using specific frequencies that further engages content viewers and brings harmony to their experiences.
Dolby ATMOS, 3D, Binaural and Ambisonic music options are available.


MXF bins of cues separated by mood and genre


Curated playlists for content categories

Automated Cue Sheets

Create custom project playlists and automatically export cue sheets

Advanced Search

Search categories such as “sounds like”, tempo, mood, genre, featured instrument and more

Custom Mixes

Create your own custom mixes using individual stems for each track


Custom Licensing

Subscribe to access to our entire library or purchase single licenses as needed

Gaming & Apps

Evoke additional emotion from entertainment gaming and app experiences and increase engagement for brain stimulating and stress relieving apps.



Put your reader in the right brainwave state as they read your book to help bring them into deep focus, thus more easily retaining and understanding your content and integrating the experience deep into their body and mind so they can better their lives!


Allow us to set a score to your story. Create a movie for your reader’s mind and ears and fully immerse them in the world you’ve dreamed of!

Public Spaces

Harmonize your environment and change the way your clientele engages.




Stadiums & Arenas

Public Transportation

Concert Venues

Amusement Parks


Schools & Learning Assistance Programs

Improve cognitive function, learning speed and information retention.

Health & Wellness

Neurology Programs

Our music aides in healing for Alzheimers, dementia, stroke and other neurological disorders.


Help mitigate PTSD, autism, anxiety, insomnia, emotional stress, migraines and more.

Meditation & Yoga Programs

Enhance your training experiences with your students and help them dive deeper into their practice.

Custom Compositions

In need of a composer to work with on your project to create what you envision?

We have incredible talent from Emmy and Grammy Award winners to young, seasoned composers.

Our Composers Have Worked with…

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