How Music Changes Our Mood, Mind, and Body

Written by Greg Papania

February 1, 2021

Living in modern society can be stressful. Stress from our emotional reactions to events in our lives is a daily dance partner that sometimes steps on our toes. Being human means we can’t completely get rid of our stresses and emotions but we can control our dance with them. This is a partnership we need to lead and the best way to lead is from a calm, focused, confident, and well-rested state.

Meditation, exercise, nutrition, sleep, joyful activities, and living as our true self are the keys, but these states can be challenging to engage with when life has pushed us to feeling scattered, low energy, restless at night with our minds chattering, angry, frustrated and more! These emotional and physical states tend to come about when our brain hemispheres and body are out of sync. When your mind and body are calm you can achieve anything at its high potential. Like a well-trained ninja you can rest easily, focus easily, and create all in an equanimous mindset and mood.

The Most Effective, Proven Way To Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Put your brain in its optimal state by listening to binaural music from SINES.

Experience SINES music for:

  • Sleep
  • Confidence
  • Focusing
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Inspiration
  • Energy
  • Joy
  • Creativity

How SINES Works

Our music is composed using 432 Hz & 444 Hz musical tunings with binaural frequencies, nature sounds, and instruments that correspond to brainwave states.

Your Brain Functions In 5 different States that Correspond to Mood States

More Info

Science has discovered by listening to audio reproductions of brainwave states our brain will synchronize to that state and thus bring your mind and body into your desired positive mood state.

Your mind influences your entire body and mood. Your mood influences how you engage and experience the world. You balance your mind—you balance your life and experiences bringing them to their highest potential.

I Created SINES Out of Necessity to Help Myself

Since I was a child I had trouble concentrating in school. I had trouble focusing while reading books, retaining information, playing instruments, really I couldn’t focus on anything! I battled stress, anxiety, and depression. Which led to restless nights of insomnia. From that stemmed negativity and projection onto others. At some point I was at bottom, disgusted with my daily life. Therapy, meditation, yoga, herbal medicines, healers, retreats, shaman, EVERYTHING! and more were all deeply effective, but there was still something missing. Something that I could empower myself with that could couple all of those other treatments. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to be present, I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to succeed and most importantly I wanted to feel good… I wanted to know joy… 

In my explorations I learned about brainwave states and binaural beats. I’d listen to them while I read, meditated, relaxed, and slept. When stress and anxiety would rise I started turning to my binaural music instead of shopping, alcohol, angry victim rants and other things that only suppressed how I felt. The effect of the music was instant. Within five minutes it’d stop an anxiety attack and relax me. I’d couple it with joyful visualizations in meditation and i’d smile and feel gratitude and bliss for the first time within myself. I found I could retain what I was reading much more easily, I stayed focused longer, reading for hours straight. I could let go in meditation and relaxation. I could just “be” and sit calmly, recharge, and dream. At night my sleep became so deeply restful! I felt more positive and more joyful all around. I changed the way I was engaging with the world and found life to be much more rich and fulfilling. I was no longer clawing away and feeling attacked by life. I felt in control and on my own terms to make clear and conscious decisions for me! I had a musical ally that I could call on anytime I needed. I could do it myself! Right in my pocket, always with me on my phone was music so beautifully powerful and changing my life.

Through My Life Changes I realized everyone can benefit from binaural music…

Every single person from folks in offices of all ages and all professions to creatives, students, commuters, elderly, children, babies… everyone!

Who Am I?

I’m a multi-platinum award-winning music producer and sound engineer with 20 years experience. I’ve worked on hundreds of popular albums, TV shows, and films. I’m also an avid meditator and yoga practitioner who loves seeing people living in joy, enjoying their passions and sharing love with the world. I love music. I love sound. I love nature. I’m an explorer and I wish peace, love, gratitude, abundance, and joy for everyone. I wish everyone to be whomever they wish and achieve and be all they desire in this world.

Clear Mind. Balanced Mood. Heart Forward.

SINES Binaural Music Supports:

The Science

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